Get the Right Business Management Software to Avoid Leaking Profit

For peace-of-mind and sound assurance that your business processes, software, and systems are expertly optimized to avoid unnecessary loss of profit, CO3 Technologies has the business management software solution for your company.

We understand only too well the need for a management tool (business software) that allows for accurate and efficient tracking of resources interfaced with the commitment to customer needs.

CO3 has developed an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), uniquely tailored and designed for businesses in the service industry.  This ERP system, Business Process Optimizer (BPO), is the system of choice for the office automation and equipment rentals market. Our goal is to make it easier for you to do your job with excellence by using our business software. We are always improving our business processes and finding ways to give you peace of mind.

Business Process Optimizer (BPO) offers:

  • Accurate tracking of expenditure;
  • Seamless integration across your business, including Pastel Evolution;
  • Effortless asset management and business processes;
  • Measure and increase productivity;
  • Integrated CRM;
  • Monitoring service levels;
  • Managing a sales team.

The utilisation of BPO, CO3’s specifically designed business software, will maximise your resource potential and ensure satisfied customer expectations.


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