CRM module will support and help with your sales management. With CRM you can benchmark performance measurement, and retain the knowledge gained by your sales teams. The CRM module is fully integrated into the rest of our system, BPO allowing you to give the sales team a full view of the customer interaction with your business. Companies use CRM to improve customer acquisition and retention processes, to drive effective leads, sales, and contract renewals. CRM will support and help manage your sales force, so that you can focus on the challenges that come from managing your business.


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In today’s business environment, business services providers face a significant economic challenge: Grow the business while improving profitability. To meet this challenge, business service providers must develop a thorough understanding of customer needs, reduce the costs of acquisition, and improve the retention of profitable customers. BPO’s CRM for Business Services provides a powerful means to improve customer acquisition and retention methodologies that drive effective lead generation, sales, and contract renewals, using BPO CRM. BPO CRM supports customer acquisitions by giving the salespeople tools to remind them of meetings coming up and keeping a full record of meetings held previously. Previous meeting notes are stored in a structured form so that the information can be reused at a later stage.

BPO supports customer retention by:

• Creating end of contract alerts, and workflows to upgrade and renew customer contracts. These alerts are integrated into the CRM system.

• Producing excellent detailed customer profitability information, ensuring a focus on the key customer accounts.

• Creating reminders for customers that have not been contacted for a certain period of time.

Key to the BPO CRM success is full integration into the rest of the business system. This integration allows for:

• Easy contract upgrades,

• Easy segmentation of customers based on turnover or profitability

CRM is a simple inexpensive system that will ensure that you meet your business development objectives. Processes around finding new customers, retaining existing customers, and maximising growth from existing customers are built into the system with intuitive workflows and insightful reports. As CRM is integrated with the rest of BPO, you can rely on the systems to provide you with the tools to manage and grow your business.

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