SConnect – Stock Scanner

CO3 Technologies has identified the need for improved accuracy with respect to stock processing. To this end software (SConnect) for hand held scanners has been developed. The scanners are fully integrated into BPO using wifi based web services. This means that a person can process a stock transaction wirelessly, and effectively receive the stock while inside the delivery van if so required.

CO3 Technologies can assist with the entire process of bar coding, including advising on bar coding the stock, advising on wifi connectivity, and also on business processes.

The application is very easy to use with standard colours spread across the application for standard tasks. This means that a user can login to BPO over wireless connection and there is a simple screen menu for processing.

SConnect 1

SConnect 7

Supports goods received notes processing and issuing stock to work orders and finally stock takes.

We will add functionality to do inter warehouse transfers shortly

When you select goods receiving you get a list of the unprocessed purchase orders as below. When you select the order you get the outstanding items on it. The system supports partial stock receiving as seen on below right hand screen.


SConnect 3

SConnect 4

When you select issues screen, you get the following screen. This shows you all the requests waiting to be issued. You can also scan the serial number. For serialised processing.

SConnect 5SConnect 6

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